Brake Tests on the GMC Motorhome
by Ken Henderson 12/2006


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Brake Test Worksheet 1.pdf

Brake Test Worksheet 2.pdf

Brake Test Worksheet 3.pdf

Brake Test Worksheet 4.pdf

Brake Test Worksheet 5.pdf

EBC Yellow Diesel vs Performance Friction Brake Pads Test Procedure.pdf
" Test procedure to collect this data: The test section of highway had about 1/4 mile clear at each end. I accelerated to 55 mph and released the throttle at the same time I switched on the pedal puller, as we passed the observer. When the 23' GMC stopped, we marked the location. While I paced back to the observer and the paint mark on the road, the passenger recorded caliper temperatures and reset the equipment for the next run. We then repeated the process from the opposite direction. There was little wind or grade to affect the results, however. "

EBC Yellow vs PF Brake Pads AVERAGES Chart.pdf
" This scatter diagram presents all of the data, with overlayed averages. Note the far right lower number -- that indicates we'd "bottomed out" the booster. The top right number proves you don't want to drive a GMC with NO boost! "

EBC Yellow vs PF Brake Pads Charts.pdf
" This chart of only the average results from each brake configuration is most telling. Note that the Red=Performance Friction; Yellow=EBC in Front & PF at Center; Black = EBC Front & Center. These results don't allow much room for argument except based on the condition of the pads: The Performance Friction pads had been in use for about 12,000 miles so were well bedded in. The EBC pads were broken in IAW the box instructions -- which means "not much". They may do a little better later; I'll try to retest in a few thousand miles. Frankly, I should have saved several hundred dollars of cost & travel expense plus several days "wasted"; but what the heck -- we had a lot of fun! :-) "