Terry Dunworth's 4 Wheel GMC


1996 was my first proto type mounting system was basically a 3" square
tube 2 feet long mounted to the frame at an angle to meet the original
air bag only, I was more than satisfied with the positive results. So
I then went to the step # 2 and try a 224 stye firestone air bag that I
believe is rated for 2600 pounds that I read in the Firestone
engineering manual & design guide. So I fabricated and mounted a
bracket off the frame starting about 18 inches long at a 33 percent
angle in front of the suspension bracket, plus a solid mounting plate
about 7" wide about a foot tall off the top of the suspension bracket
at 90 degree angle and then I basically welded them together.
Relatively simple.

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Terry "Dun" Dunworth    04-25-2002