12 Volt Wiring and Battery Tray

I want to especially thank Scott Shean and Bob Burkett. Scott e-mailed me a copy of his wiring diagram. What a piece of art. We should post it some where so that everyone can see it. He said that he originally created it in CorelDraw and transferred it to Word. Drawings like that are so easy to follow.
And Bob sent me three pictures of his batteries and their mounting tray. Plain to see that there is plenty of room to mount the tray and what kind of support brackets were needed. I fabricated a copy of Bob's tray out of cardboard. That way I could check dimensions and clearances and submitted them to the vocational school for fabrication. I will try to get some pictures and dimensions on the tray and brackets before they are installed........................Terry Skinner

Scott Shean


The source for the battery hold down parts is:
Virginia Golf Cars and Batteries, Inc.
5805 Warwick Boulevard
Newport News, VA 23607
Phone 757-244-5202
Fax 757-245-6102

The parts needed for a two-battery installation are:
 2 J-bolts
4 nylon angles (two for the top cormers of the batteries and 2 for base stops)
2 rubber washers
2 metal washers
2 nuts

     These parts are from a Melex golf cart, total cost of the above is about $15. VGC has indicated that they will ship but there should be other Melex dealers around the country.
     Some additional items are needed, such as carriage bolts to retain the battery stops and nylon spacers to raise the stops above the battery tray. Stainless hardware is recommended wherever possible.
     The tray pictured is a Ragusa two-battery tray which fits on the stock brackets and replaces the OEM tray if so equipped. An additional slot is needed for one of the J-bolts, and the tray must be drilled to fit the supports.
     Bob Burkitt